My Philosophy

I bring compassionate and evidence-based care to the birthing room.

I believe in empowerment, intention, and harmony. 
As a Doula, I consider it my responsibility and privilege to empower the birthing person to stay true to themselves in the journey of birthing a new life into this world. I seek to encourage harmony in its many forms within the birthing room; this means that needs must be not only met, but anticipated, for the birthing person and their families - the Doula must trust their instincts and desires, and amplify their voices. In my previous healthcare experience, I have always lead with curiosity and tenderness when first meeting my patients. This has opened opportunities for beautiful connection and trust, and in fact led me to the day I witnessed childbirth for the first time. In my role as a Physician Assistant, I provided prenatal care to a woman and preventative care to her husband. Through our time together I always strived to go above and beyond, and after a few months I was invited to attend the birth of their first child. It would be unfair to say this birth “changed everything” for me, when in reality it materialized a feeling I had had for years – my vocation to serve finally found a home, and it is Birth.
Let's connect and talk about how I can assist you in realizing yourself as you envision your part in this new birthing story.

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My Team

Doula Services Provided in partnership with Seattle Central Birth

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My Upbringing

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The foundations of our culture lie in strong familial relationships and the community around new families. Mothers and often grandmothers traditionally are ever present during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. They are the masterful holders of space and support for the new mother. Despite the lack of a label, they absolutely “doula” the birthing family through and into this new chapter. I personally grew up in a multi-generational home with my grandparents and my great-grandmother. With every passing year, I hold this gift closer and closer to my heart. Being so far away from my home and my family, being a Latina birth Doula is a way to recognize the rooted desire within me to participate in this ancestral rite of passage. It is my honor to hold space for birthing people as they embark on their parenting journeys.

My Training

- Trained Birth and Postpartum Doula 2020

Simkin Center / Bastyr University DONA International training 

- Certified Physician Assistant 2017

Masters of Physician Assistant Studies, Oregon Health & Science University

- Biology & Public Health 2010

Bachelors of Science in Biology & Public Health, Oregon State University

Community Service

Seattle King County Free Health Clinic

Year: 2018, 2019. (40 hours)
Role: Physician Assistant, primary care.

Interprofessional Community Health Education

Year: 2015 (20 hours)
Role: PA Student. Free health screening & guidance for medically uninsured members of the local community.

Doernbechers Children's Hospital

Year: 2013-2014 (160 hours)
Role: Child Care Volunteer, parental support for families in the hospital.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Aide

Year: 2007-2010 (~300 hours)

Role: PT aide for children with disabilities on free after- school program for low income families.


Please send me a message with any questions or if you would like to talk about the ways I can support you.
I cannot wait to meet you!

Phone 929-GO-GINNY (464-4669)